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Team of Researchers at Rice University Develops A New Device for Disabled People

Researchers belonging to Rice University have created an innovative pneumatic Assistive Device. The target group will be people with disabilities, says the research team.

The main feature of the latest development is an air pump mounted on the wearer’s shoe. As a result, the person wearing it is provided with pneumatic power at each step. Now, the power generated will be stored in a belt (wearable). The specialty of the belt is that it comes with an ‘arm’ to reach out for grip (gripping items) when activated. 

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Wearable assistive technologies have proven their ability to transform lives or improve quality of life. Such devices have enabled many to perform activities they wouldn’t be able to perform otherwise.

Consider a person with a weak arm who cannot lift objects properly. The new device will be beneficial for him.

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Besides the device, the research team at Rice university has also introduced a shirt equipped with a bellows mechanism in the armpit. Because of this, the person wearing it will be able to pick up even heavy objects, say weighing about 10 pounds.

According to the latest statistics, around 25 million adults in the U.S will find it challenging to lift approximately 10 pounds using their arms.

“The fabrication approach uses techniques that are already employed in the garment industry, things like cutting textile sheets and bonding them with heat and pressure. We’re ready to think about translating our work towards products,” said Daniel Preston, part of the research team. 

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