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There Is A Newly Sanctioned Patent Protection for Exoskeleton Focal-force Angioplasty Platform

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office grants innovative patent protection for an Exoskeleton Focal Force Angioplasty Platform.

This focal-force angioplasty will be leveraging standard off-the-shelf PTA or peripheral transluminal angioplasty balloons. The announcement regarding the XO exoskeleton patent was made by Transit Scientific, a Utah-headquartered medical firm. (June 2022)

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Conventional PTA scoring, cutting, and CS or constraining structure technologies are created using struts, polymer wires, grooves, etc. These are either fused to or wrapped around the outer parts of an angioplasty balloon. These are then able to expand with the angioplasty balloon. When this happens, what usually takes place is focal force is extended in hyperplastic, calcified, and resistant lesions so as to eliminate chances of resistant lesions or a dissection. The other function is to help or prepare the concerned vessel for different types of intervention.

Also, it is time to think beyond conventional systems as most are bulky, difficult to utilize, and cost-prohibitive in nature. 

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This XO technology is also perfect to be optimized to pressurize balloons and prevent longitudinal and torsional shear while an angioplasty balloon inflation is being carried out. 

“Patent protection recognizes XO’s innovative design, assembly, system, utility, and use. XO’s novel technology has the potential to significantly improve treatment options for CLI (critical limb ischemia), limb salvage, chronic dialysis fistula, and graft patients,” is what Jennifer Arnold, Chief Operating Officer, Transit Scientific, had to say about the XO technology.

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