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Hospitals Struggle to Deal With Multiple Issues Like Shortage of Staff

There are several issues that the present hospitals have to face. These issues require urgent remedial measures. 

The contemporary medical world is forced to spend 19% more on medicines and 18% more on medical supplies, and when it comes to labor, the extra expenditure is around 21%.

Concerns with respect to supply chain, workforce, and others are also persistent in the current medical world. These findings are part of information released by Kaufman Hall, a health management consulting firm.

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The cost of extending care to a patient has also increased. As a result, several health systems are spending more and investing in new technologies and digital tools to cut expenditures. In addition, there is more focus on improving care outcomes and coordination.

“With more technology-forward kinds of processes, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got the right skill sets in the right places. Not only do we need to embrace the technology, but we’re also needing to learn how to educate”, said Kristen Miles, Senior Director, healthcare supply chain product strategy (Oracle, a health technology provider).

The pandemic has been the basis for this change. Things were less complicated in the pre-pandemic era as compared to the current situation. The pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to the health care industry, forcing the medical world to be creative and adapt new technologies to keep pace with the new patient requirements.

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Staff shortage is another prevalent issue—a concern commonplace across all levels, from entry-level to top positions. As a result, there is an innovative focus on workforce retention. Enhancing the skill sets of the existing workforce is another method used to address this concern.


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