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Depression could Be the Root Cause of several medical conditions in a decade or so. As a result, the need for innovative therapies is higher than ever.

Mental health is already a priority for the medical world. This trend is going to continue and remain strong in the upcoming years. Per surveys, through 2030, depression will be the primary cause of global diseases. So, the medical world must invent innovative technologies, therapies, or tactics to deal with the enormity of the situation.

The developments here have been quite promising. In recent years, several technologies have come to the forefront that can revolutionize the mental health space.

A typical example will be some of the apps. Many of these apps are equipped to finish patient intakes and enable an initial diagnosis before a physical visit to the doctor. Besides, the number of AI-powered tools has increased to allow patients to practice their cognitive behavioral therapy CBT.

Now, there are online symptom tracking prompts that share data daily and are beneficial to patients. This shared data is analyzed later by an AI algorithm that sorts the data to identify patterns in real-time to issue warnings in advance. 

There is more research happening in medical technology and mental health. In an exciting development, the mental health treatment space is now witnessing an active use of video games. Although it is still in its early stages of being fully functional, rapid developments are happening here, and industry observers eagerly look forward to seeing what the future unfolds here.

So far, EndeavorRx is the first-ever and the only FDA-cleared video game treatment available for mental health patients. But, again, this is a recent development, developed in 2020. 

The game is mainly relied upon to enhance the attention span of children. The patients who were given this treatment were 8 to 12 years old, especially children with ADHD. The treatment is available with a medical prescription. 

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