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Abortion Clinics Are Now Mobile, An Interesting Move Amidst Strict State Regulations Against Abortion Following Latest SC Verdict

Abortion is not easily accessible amidst the new regulations in many states. The direct consequence is that millions are deprived of access to abortion. In some states, the legality of abortion has flipped several times since a decision by the supreme court last month. Abortion which was earlier a constitutional right, was overturned by the court about fifty years after the earlier rule where abortion was legalized. 

Mobile abortion clinics surface as a timely approach here. The company in focus is ‘Just the Pill’; their mobile clinic project has been termed ‘Abortion Delivered.’ The plan is to make possible about 30 vans for this purpose. 

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It was after several decades that the Roe v. Wade judgment by the supreme court was overturned by a US court. The 1973 judgment guaranteed abortion as a constitutional right. The controversial move had created nationwide debates back then.

When the landmark ruling was aborted after about five decades last month, many states had the liberty to set their abortion laws. Data says almost 13 states had virtually no reported abortion cases since the judgment.

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Naturally, the move was not welcomed by all. To abide by the law, around half of the states had to limit or outlaw abortion severely. Over tens of millions of people were directly impacted and had no option but to cross state borders in search of reproductive health care. Maybe with clinics going mobile, people may find the restrictions less tedious. 

Just the Pill began in 2020 and had been extending reproductive health care in Montana, Minnesota, Colorado, and Wyoming since then. 

The group said the plan is to make mobile abortion clinics available nationwide. There will be a specialized focus on areas where there is a total abortion ban. 

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