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Delay Is Expected in the Much-anticipated Delivery of Covid-19 Rapid Tests, Informs the White House

In December last year, U.S president Joe Biden Had announced confirmed plans to buy about half a billion rapid test kits for use at homes. However, these complimentary covid-19 test kits might now be delayed by a few weeks, says the White House. 

There is a constant shortage of test at home kits nationwide despite the surge in Omicron cases. However, the demand for these kits is skyrocketing. According to experts, issues related to the supply chain are what caused the backlog. Although more test kits are expected to be available in drug stores by mid-Jan, Americans believe they are hardly sufficient to bridge the prominent gap in demand and supply. 

The entire world is struggling to cope with a prominent supply chain crunch. Besides, each manufacturer employs different manufacturing processes. Further, the demand is exceptionally high owing to the recent surge in covid -19 infections. The uncertainty surrounding the recent variant Omicron is another cause. As a result, there is a severe shortage of labor, requisite raw materials, and sufficient or prompt transportation requirements.

Also, after the holidays, several drugstore storage places are bare in some areas. States such as New Hampshire and Ohio that used to offer complimentary over-the-counter tests ran out of the kits efficiently. 

Towards the end of 2021, many Americans were frustrated due to the irregularity in the delivery of results after covid-19 tests. 

As the country continues to try to tackle covid-19 impacts, many Americans are resorting to Twitter to express their discontent at the lack of uniform delivery of covid-19 test results. For instance, many received their results within a few days, whereas many had to wait for a few weeks.

More regulatory measures are expected from the governing bodies in the coming weeks in this regard. 

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