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Omicron Fear: US Now Has an Altered Strategy for Air Travellers

First noticed in South Africa about a few days ago, the Omicron covid variant has triggered worldwide fear. The ongoing travel bans, and possible restrictions are merely its implications. The variant is capable of resisting all known anti-covid vaccines, as per available information. 

Air travel in the US will require you to deal with stricter covid-19 procedures. Currently, US permits air travellers to enter the nation with a covid -negative certificate taken three days prior to departure. However, in the wake of the new developments, air travel to US won’t be possible   without a one-day old covid-19 negative result. 

Non-US citizens and non-US immigrants now should face a new set of rules while travelling to the US by air. The government implemented rules are now available online for travellers to check. 

Omicron, the new covid variant is said to have a faster spread rate as compared to its earlier counterparts. The world still lacks entire information about its potential dangers, spread rate and possible impacts on human body. 

A poll conducted during the last week of November highlighted that about 64% of the adults have learned ‘much’ or a ‘little bit’ about the new variant. 

About 87% of them are of the opinion that the variant may lead to new surge as well as restrictions in the domestic corona cases.

However, the variant has caused panic, resulting in a stock market crash worldwide on Friday. This development has further fuelled the urgent travel restrictions imposed by the nation. 

The WHO has identified omicron as a covid variant of high concern owing to its potential for faster spread and power to resist vaccines. Experts have also made it clear that information about the variant can be confirmed only if the entire information is available.  

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