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Doctors At St. David’s Medical Centre Introduces Neurostimulator Technology to Treat Advanced Heart Failures

Doctors belonging to the Austin, Texas-based St. David’s Medical center is now among the first-ever in the United States to introduce an innovative neurostimulator technology. The new technology aims at improving the treatment of advanced heart ailments.

Additionally, this Barostim system remains the only FDA-approved technology that can be used in attempts to utilize the nervous system to monitor and control heart ailments, and in turn enhance the cardiovascular system. 

The system primarily includes a highly programmable device that would be located under a person’s collarbone. This device has been programmed so as to send electrical pulses to the baroreceptors to detect any changes in the body corresponding to the heart. 

“When the device is activated, it sends impulses through an electrode to the receptors in the carotid artery. This process tricks the body into thinking that the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are working correctly. The brain then responds and sends messages to the body that the heart is working properly. These response messages relax the blood vessels, slow the heart rate, and reduce fluid in the body.” This is what Dr. Jeffrey Apple, a vascular surgeon at St. Davis has to say about the breakthrough technology.

Dr. Jeffrey archer was part of the team of surgeons and other medical experts behind the discovery. The discovery is based on the concept of restoring the balance of the autonomic nervous system in order to reduce the symptoms of heart ailments and related complications. 

St. Davis Medical Center has been extending advanced health care since the early 1920s.

The recent past has witnessed several technological upgrades in the US medical industry. This new discovery is also expected to lead to more improvements in the treatment of complicated heart failures.

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